Monday, August 2, 2010

Perodua viva spoiler

Install A Rear Car Spoiler..

While not everyone may feel they possess the ability to address their own automotive needs, the ability to install a rear car spoiler is a task that can be accomplished by most people if they follow basic directions closely. When a car owner installs a rear car spoiler it immediately makes an aesthetic impact on the car's appearance for the better, and in many cases affects the car's resale value in a positive fashion. The most important thing to remember when installing a rear car spoiler is to take your time to do a good and proper job and the result will be as good as any done by a professional.

The first step to install a rear car spoiler is to select the style and color that suits personal preference. It is always a wise move regardless of your mechanical skills to purchase a rear car spoiler that comes with all of the necessary hardware for installation. It is also prudent to purchase a complete rear car spoiler kit that contains clear and concise instructions for installation. While most of these are in the form of written instructions, some of the better rear car spoiler kits have how-to-videos that can really simplify the job.

After purchasing a rear car spoiler kit, take a tarp or blanket and cover the inside of the car's trunk and wipe the trunk lid on the exterior with a cloth to present a clean surface. The rear car spoiler kit should come with a set of rubber gaskets that are first installed on the feet of the car spoiler. There are also usually a set of drill guides that are easily attached to the spoiler next by using common masking tape. The next step to install a rear car spoiler is to align the spoiler in the proper position on the car, and then securely tape the drill guides to the car and remove the tape that held the guides to the spoiler. It is now a simple procedure to drill the holes in the car's trunk through the drill guide. Remove and discard the drill guides from the trunk lid.

The final step to install a rear car spoiler is to position the rear car spoiler, lining up the holes that have drilled and inserting the screws through the inside of the trunk lid into the spoiler finger-tight. After all of the screws have been installed in this manner, tighten the screws using a drill or a screwdriver and the job of installing a rear car spoiler is complete.


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